Why roast just once a month?

Due to our current scale and the realities of renting time on a professional machine, we roast our coffees once a month. We typically roast within the first week of each month. Shipping your orders the week after. In most cases we are able to accommodate all orders that we receive up until the day before our roast day. We also try to roast a few bags extra just in case some stragglers come in.

This schedule allows us to best manage our inventory to ensure the freshest supply for your orders. Coffee is roasted and within days it’s in your cup!

Can I find Take Care Coffee in stores?

Nope! We’re just getting started, and our production runs are pretty much on made to order basis, so for the moment – it’s online order only! If you are a shop owner and are interested in working with us, shoot us an email: hello@takecarecoffee.co

Can you ship internationally?

At the moment, we’re sorry to say we cannot. Keeping things local for the time being while we get up and going. We want get our coffee to as many folks as possible, so stay tuned!

Why do you have only one roast available at a time?

Right now we’re a super small operation so we’re optimizing for a super simple supply chain and focusing on bringing you the highest quality product.

Who designed your word mark?

Thanks to Nick Stroia, we have a face for our name. Nick is based in Ohio, home to some of our favorite people, you know who you are.